With great delight and pleasure. I wish to express my feelings and experience of academic involvement for more than four decades in the University. Experience says that a good academic institution must have a good team of qualii ed dedicated teaching faculties, laborious, intelligent students, ei cient administrative and i nancial management.

Princton International Higher Secondary School (PIHSS) under the new management considers the students as the most important component. Teaching faculties of course are the core of the programme where as ei cient management facilities it in every respect PIHSS is dedicated to educational excellence. “Building a strong platform for the growing young student’s professional and competitive future career” has been its motto.

Fast growing technologies on the globe with the emergence of several attractive new i elds of learning have crated the challenges several fold. Family of PIHSS is dedicated and always available to nature the young minds in terms of guidance in searching useful and proper path of learning. It is also aiming to organize short term training and seminars regularly for the students by recognized personalities to acquaint the students about the recent trends of academic and professional fields.


Prof. Dr. Lok Narayan Jha
Professor of Physics
(Former Head, Central Dept of Physics, Tribhuvan University, Kiritipur, Kathmandu)

Welcome to Princeton!

It is my great pleasure to apprise you all that Princeton International Higher Secondary School is at your reach to walk together with you in your academic journey.

An English proverb - well begun is half done- implies that without a good beginning, attaining the goal in time is almost impossible. Therefore, it matters to make a right choice to give a good start to the first step towards higher education. Making Princeton your i st choice can undoubtedly give a good start to your academic journey.

Our long-experienced faculty members who are waiting to interact with you all prospective students are veterans in the domain of their respective subjects. On the top of everything, the academic environment we are striving to create at Princeton is entirely friendly and inspiring with plenty of exposure to the world beyond classroom, which allow every student to realize their potential and work to that end.


Prof. Dr. Tulsi Prasad Pathak
Academic Chairman
Professor of Chemistry
(Former Head, Central Dept of Chemistry, Tribhuvan University, Kiritipur, Kathmandu)

Congratulations! SLC graduates!

It is my immense pleasure to welcome you all at Princeton +2 programme operated under the management of Princeton Education Foundation. I believe our association with Princeton has assured thousands of SLC graduates to be sanguine about their higher secondary education under the guidance of interactive, dedicated and affable yet demanding faculties in a life-long inspiring academic environment at Princeton.

Our empirical education system is inspired by the saying- “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” - of Confucius. Our students’ academic journey travels beyond the books and classroom in a more natural and pragmatic ways that ‘they do and understand’. Our sophisticated labs ease and ameliorate their learning and excite them to excel their understanding beyond the box.

Princeton, in nutshell, delivers an uncompromised academic environment with state-of-the-art facilities: physical infrastructure, technology, EC/CC activities in order to accomplish the Princeton’s ‘vision-mission, to prepare adolescents who are intellectually competent, ethically righteous, emotionally mature and kinesthetically robust.

Looking forward to seeing to you at Princeton!


Shrawan Jha
General Secretary

Thank you.

Dear prospective Parents/ Guardians!

I feel much exultant to apprise you that stimulating academic environment and molding discipline system constitute foundation for students to excel in both academics and professional life. Based on the foundation, Princeton aims at preparing intellectually competent, ethically righteous and emotionally balanced leaders in the field of medical science, engineering, management, social sectors, etc. who can lead the next generation at the front.

Expert in their subjects and with all the required expertise in their i elds, our faculty members are highly demanded and most revered at home and abroad. The infrastructures and the academic environment at Princeton embrace state-of-art facilities to ease learning and stay of every students with us.

I would like to assure that Princeton’s faculty members with their decades-long experience, the infrastructures and the teaching- learning environment altogether can make difference in academic endeavours of all students who decide to join Princeton.

I look forward to welcoming all prospective parents/guardians and students at Princeton!

Dr. Manoj Kumar Jha

Congratulations! SLC graduates!

After long and vigorous efforts ultimately we came into front to provide a world class competitive education in the capital city of Nepal with Princeton under the management of Princeton Education Foundation.

It is our conicidence that your quest for a fairly excellent academic institution for higher secondary education with all modern facilities comes to an end after your visit to Princeton. Our strong team of experienced and dedicated faculties with their dynamic teaching approaches guides you through an inspiring environment to set your foundation for further studies in Nepal and abroad.

I would like to assure you that adequate physical facility, educational environment and wide range of study materials coupled with regular students-teacher workshops and conference makes learning more delightful.

Join us and feel the difference to explore your natural potentiality.


Mr. Ganga Pathak
Academic Director

My experience as Finance Consultant and an educator in Educational institutions has taught me the importance of personalizing student programming to meet the individual needs of each learner.

At PRINCETON INTERNATIONAL H.S.S, we promise a TOTAL PERSONAL SUPPORT system that dedicated to meet the needs and satisfaction of each student, ONE STUDENT AT A TIME.

In academic terms, our SMART SKILLS PROGRAM will ensure that every student experiences an integrated program that will develop her/his key abilities to move them to the next step of education and life then. In personal terms, our caring, supportive staf - at all levels - will see that each student is provided with a safe, educational nurturing, challenging and rewarding learning experience.

Dedicated to developing the whole individuals, our highly qualified teachers are committed to work closely with their students. Across the world, there is ongoing demand for more and more skilled and able graduates and a cut- throat competition can be seen almost in all walks of life. Quality is the competences which can make one survive in the Era of Globalization. Multi-skilled and multi-faceted development of human resources is desired by all the stake holders. The rural youth has several challenges to face and also a long way to go in a short period of time.

We are committed to meet the individual needs of our students, and to provide learning opportunities that help them achieve their academic and personal goals

I know choosing the right Institute is important. I also know that if you select Princeton International H.S.S., you will have made an excellent choice. I look forward to meeting you at our Institute soon.


CA Ashok K. Mishra
Director (Finance)

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